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Members - Bylaws

These pages are intended for members of AbleArts



(As Amended by The Membership December, 2012)
(a not-for profit corporation)



is a nonprofit, community based performing arts organization founded in 1993 and located in Delaware. Composed of people with and without disabilities, our mission is to entertain and to inform the public of the abilities and talents possessed by individuals with disabilities.

ABLEARTS® was created with two main purposes in mind:

To provide opportunities to participate in the performing arts for those typically excluded.

To educate and demonstrate to society at-large that those viewed as "Disabled" have something of value to contribute.

ABLEARTS®, as a matter of policy, does not pursue government funding.



A. The following people are considered founding members:

Lynne Lew
Paul Mackey
Jill Mackey
Paul Thompson
Theresa Carroll
Gene Dean
Marty Gorin
Keri Helfand
Stephen Keen
Frank Gerace
Victor Melega


B. Future members must complete an application, attend one meeting, and be voted on by a simple majority of the members present at the next meeting.

 C. Upon being voted in as a member, all privileges of membership are immediate.

 D. “Termination of Membership Due to Inactivity”

1. After 22 months of inactivity, at the discretion of the officers, a member is subject to removal from the rolls.

2. Written notice will be e-mailed or mailed to the current contact information of said member, advising said member of the pending removal due to inactivity.

3. Sixty days after notice is sent, with no further activity, the member will be removed.

. To regain membership, one must reapply.



A. The Board of Directors, consisting of no less than three members, none of whom can be current or prospective officers, shall be elected annually by the members at a meeting designated for this purpose. Nominations for the Board of Directors will be accepted from the members present at the June, July, August business meetings and/or the Annual Meeting in August. The Board of Directors shall, upon election, create a slate of prospective officers for the following five offices, whose duties are outlined below.

1. President: conducts the day to day business of the corporation.

2. Vice President: serves in the president's absence and assists in the day  
to day business of the corporation. Additionally, the Vice President will be
responsible for the educational goals of the corporation as stated in the
strategic plan, to include an educational report at each monthly business

3. Treasurer: shall maintain financial and property records of the
corporation and report on the financial status at each meeting.

4. Secretary: will record minutes, attendance, meeting dates, performances, and list of members at the general meetings and be responsible for corporate correspondence. These duties may be divided into Recording Secretary and Corresponding Secretary at the discretion of the Executive Officers.

5. Member at Large: assists in the business of the corporation as needed
and serves as membership officer, keeping a roster of all current members.

B. Upon vacancy of an office, the Board of Directors will appoint a person to fill the vacancy for the remainder of that term.

C. Upon vacancy on the Board of Directors, the remaining Board shall
appoint a replacement for the remainder of the term if the remaining Board
totals less than three.

D. All expenditures are approved by the officers and reported to the general membership.


E. Upon appointment, the officers will be responsible for updating and
implementing the current strategic plan with input of interested members.
The officers will present a minimum two year strategic plan report at the
October business meeting each year.




A. Business meetings will take place on a monthly basis, minimum of nine (9) meetings a year. The date and time of the meetings will be scheduled at a time mutually convenient for membership. Executive officers will meet a minimum of 4 times a year with the Board of Directors in attendance. The meetings can take place via physical presence, web conference, phone conference, or some combination thereof.


B. A business meeting takes place when there are five members available by physical presence, conference call, or web conference, one of whom must be the President or the Vice President. This constitutes a quorum. No formal business can take place without a quorum.


C. For those items of business where a vote is called, a simple majority of
members present shall carry the vote.


D. An annual meeting of the members shall occur each year in August, the date to be set by the Executive Officers, for the purpose of electing the Board of Directors. The present membership at the Annual Meeting will vote by simple ballot of yes or no for the suggested slate of prospective officers. A simple majority will carry the vote.

E. Protocol matters shall be decided by those officers in attendance.





A. Proposed amendments to the bylaws shall be submitted in writing at a
regular business meeting. Within ten days of the submission of a proposed amendment, the membership shall be notified by mail that a vote to change the bylaws will take place at the next business meeting and an exact copy of the amendment will be included.


B. Voting of the membership on proposed changes to the bylaws may be permitted via mail, e-mail, or in person. Mail or e-mail voting must be received by AbleArts prior to the meeting. Absentee ballots will be presented to the presiding officer at the business meeting, prior to the vote on the amendment.

 C. Amendments shall be passed by an affirmative vote of 2/3 of the votes cast




A. Upon dissolution of ABLEARTS® Inc. all remaining property and assets shall be distributed as voted by the membership in accordance with all applicable laws.



ABLEARTS® Inc. will function under a long-term strategic plan of not less than

two years.

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