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Members - Performance Policy

These pages are intended for members of AbleArts


AbleArts' Performance Policy
(Adopted March 1997)
(Revised November 2004)

The purpose of the AbleArts Performance policy is to help us achieve and maintain an ever higher level of professionalism.

The following applies to any individual wishing to perform with AbleArts.


Dress Rehearsal and Technical Rehearsal are MANDATORY. Exceptions require pre-approval of the Performance Committee.

Dress Rehearsals will be conducted just as a performance would be, with a pre-set call time and a pre-set curtain time. The full time, from call until the end of the rehearsal, is mandatory for all personnel involved with the performance.

For regular rehearsals, if you are not able to commit to the entire rehearsal, you must inform the director at least one hour prior to the start of the rehearsal.

Chronic lateness, or repeated absences may result in dismissal from a performance, at the discretion of the Director or Stage Manager.


There are to be no food or beverages allowed in any peformance area, to include stage, backstage, wings, technical equiptment.  This includes rehearsals and performances. Exception: water in a spill-proof plastic container.

A Performance Committee, composed of a Director, Stage Manager, and Venue Liaison, will be established for each show. This committee has the authority to decide material performed at each show and whether individual pieces are 'Performance Ready'. This committee also has the authority to resolve disputes, which may arise with regard to any aspect of the performance.

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