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Performance Policy

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These pages are intended for members of AbleArts

Performance Checklist

The objective of this checklist is to ensure AbleArts members are completely prepared for a show, whether it be a local performance, or a multi-day event.  Although every opportunity to ensure thoroughness was tried, please use this as guidance, not as gospel.  This is community theatre; we must recognize each person's uniqueness and embrace the challenges they might present. We want everyone to be a part of the show, and by following the notes provided will hopefully reduce everyone's stress level.

I. What do I need for all shows?

  1. Unless otherwise directed, you will be asked to perform in solid black jeans, with solid black shoes and solid black socks and your AbleArts T-shirt.
  2. Your should be well-groomed, with hair washed and brushed.  Bring hair spray, comb/brush, and facial make-up.  The latter should include blush, over-up, lipstick and items to apply & remove make-up.  Women may have eye-liner and eye-lash make-up as well.

    II. Show List

  1. Write down each piece, whether you are in it or not. Or take the sheet the director gives you to make notes.
  2. For each piece you are in, make notes reagrding from which side of the stage you enter, and which performer(s) are in front of or behind you. This helps you line up backstage.
  3. List each piece of clothing you must wear for the number, and what props you use that you must bring yourself or you will use during the piece.  If it helps, write down the order you must be clothed before the show starts to facillitate your clothing changes.
  4. If you are not in a piece, mark where you are going to be backstage to be out of the way, or who you are helping for that number.
  5. When at home, place into a travel bag all your clothing/props/make-up.  Put your name on it with a luggage tag.
  6. Before the show day double-check your checklist and ensure everything is in the bag.
  7. If you require water backstage, pack a non-glass, closed container. No sodas, juices, or alcohol, as tempting as the latter may be.

III. Miscellaneous items

Even if you are not staying overnight with AbleArts, take any personal items you would take if you would be away from home for the day (or evening).
This includes, but is not limited to:
  1. Medication, both daily and urgent-need (allergies, for example).
  2. Personal hygiene supplies.
  3. Food and drink in an insulated bag.
  4. Money for any items you need to get while you are out.
  5. Toothbrush and toothpaste if you will eat before the show.
  6. Breath mints are allowed backstage and are encouraged if you are getting very close to someone on stage!

IV. General rules of thumb for a performance

  1. If you use crutches, canes, wheelchairs, clean them before you come to a show.  Coming to a show with a dirty wheelchair is tantamount to appearing on stage with your hair uncombed; you look like a slob.
  2. All officers are expected to carry at least one business card in their wallet/purse.  You have been chosen as leaders of AbleArts; being prepared to network and share resources is a given part of  your job.
  3. Get a good night sleep before the show, or take a nap that day.  Unless before the show you've been up late with a sick relative or you were called into work when you should have been sleeping, it is assumed that you did not plan your schedule correctly, or did not ask for help when you needed it, and thus are tired and not rested.  You will be met with the following response:
"I'm sorry to hear that.  Now suck it up, remember your lines and moves, and go out on that stage with a smile."